Monthly Archives: October 2013

Science and Society Conference

Carla Fehr and Heather Douglas presented What are the Problems with Science, Values and Democracy? at the Science and Society Conference, University of Ottawa. The symposium itself aimed to address the key issues around science, technology, society, and policy. Dr. Fehr and Dr. Douglas highlighted the importance of rejecting the notion that science can be value-free, the adoption of ‘organized skepticism’, and the importance of ‘surfacing’ values and interests within scientific research.

Dr. Carla Fehr speaks at UWO’s 21st Century Feminism in the Academy

Dr. Carla Fehr was one of the featured speakers at the University of Western Ontario conference on 21st Century Feminism in the Academy. The conference explored the contemporary challenges of engaging issues around feminism and diversity. Dr. Fehr’s talk was on Excellent Science: of the People, by the People, for the People.