Humphrey Professorship Fall 2011: Ann Garry

The Humphrey Professorship in Feminist Philosophy is an endowed position that allows a visiting scholar in feminist philosophy to spend a semester in residence at the Philosophy Department every few years.  Each Humphrey Professor offers a series of lectures, teaches a seminar, and mentors graduate and senior undergraduate students. You can find more information about the professorship, visit the UW Philosphy page.

During her professorship, Dr. Ann Garry taught PHIL 402/673 (WS 422): Modern Feminism, Social Epistemology:  Injustice and Epistemologies of Ignorance. She also offered three public lectures:

  • Who is Included?  Intersectionality and the Multiplicity of Gender
  • Metaphors of Intersectionality
  • Why Distinguish Feminists’ Philosophical Methods? Values and Risks

Dr. Garry is Professor Emerita of Philosophy at California State University, Los Angeles and former Philosophy Department Chair and Director of the Center for the Study of Genders and Sexualities. Her primary research interests concern various topics in Feminist Philosophy such as feminist approaches to epistemology and philosophical methods, the intersection of feminist philosophy and analytic philosophy, moral or social topics such as pornography, abortion, feminist analyses of sexuality, and intersectional frameworks.

On her professorship, she wrote (from the Philosophy, Visiting Professorships page):

I am deeply honored to have been chosen as the Humphrey Professor and want to thank Professor Anne Minas for her wisdom and generosity in endowing the chair.  She has left the Philosophy Department a great legacy.  I found Waterloo students to be very open-minded, philosophically interesting, and fun to teach.  I thoroughly enjoyed and was enriched by my interactions with faculty colleagues in both formal and informal settings.  My sincere thanks go to all of the faculty, staff and students for making my stay both worthwhile and a pleasure.

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