Humphrey Professorship Winter 2013: Anita Superson

The Humphrey Professorship in Feminist Philosophy is an endowed position that allows a visiting scholar in feminist philosophy to spend a semester in residence at the Philosophy Department every few years.  Each Humphrey Professor offers a series of lectures, teaches a seminar, and mentors graduate and senior undergraduate students. You can find more information about the professorship, visit the UW Philosphy page.

During her professorship, Dr. Anita Superson, visiting from the University of Kentucky, taught PHIL 402/673 (WS 422): Studies in Feminist Philosophy/Philosophy of Sex: Bodily Autonomy. She also offered three public lectures:

Dr. Superson is is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Kentucky. Her primary research interests concern various topics in ethics and feminist philosophy, applying feminist insights to traditional issues in ethics and applying the methods of analytic philosophy to issues in feminism. She is also particularly interested inmoral skepticism, moral authority or bindingness, internalism/externalism, responsibility, agency, deformed desires, social privilege, evil and immorality, and bodily autonomy.

On her professorship, she wrote (from the Philosophy, Visiting Professorships page):

I am very honored to have been invited to be the Humphrey Professor for a semester.  I had many fruitful and fun interactions with the faculty, staff, and students.  My work has benefited significantly from the comments I received both at my talks and informally, and my excellent seminar students engaged in discussions that will prove to be instrumental to a book I am writing on the topic of my seminar.  I am really grateful not only for these intellectual benefits, but also for the warmth and hospitality the entire department welcomed me with, including the wonderful meals and lunchtime conversations, rides to local attractions and shops, and taking care of my needs and desires.  I made many good friends.  I especially thank Professor Anne Minas for endowing the chair and for her kindness to me as a person, and Dean Douglas Peers for giving me the opportunity to be in a department that sincerely welcomes feminist work and that cares about its members.

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