Thank you SWOFPW–That would be the Southwestern Ontario Feminist Philosophy Workshop

I know, the name of the group is super catchy and the acronym just rolls off the tongue! Leaving all sarcasm behind though, I love SWOFPW. There are very few places in the world that can boast such a large, lively, and generous group of philosophers. Our last meeting was at Waterloo and we discussed Angella Yamamoto’s paper, “Knights of the Round Table: Meaningful Inclusion in Policy Discussions on CRISPR” and Heidi Grasswick’s “Epistemic Autonomy and Trust in a Social Virtue Epistemology.” I learned enough about CRISPR to be incredibly concerned and I am so glad that Angella is advocating for diverse stakeholder participation in regulation consultations. Heidi helped me understand a notion of autonomy that I can get on board with (and that is saying something).

I was talking with Heidi after SWOFPW and she marveled at the the impact of this event. She noted that everyone there, faculty and students alike, probably gave an hour of their time before the meeting reading and thinking about each paper, and then an hour of their time discussing each of them at the meeting. When, ever, do we have an opportunity to get so much expert feedback on our work? The answer is practically never. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of such intellectual riches I start to take them for granted. So, thank you SWOFPW! <3

Also, these good things do not drop from heaven into our laps. They take work to organize and commitment to make them flourish. I want to give a big shout out and thanks to my colleague, Shannon Dea, for making this SWOFPW meeting happen.

Happy feminist philosophizing folks!


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